About Me

I am a skilled team player with a background in still photography, video production, music production as well as live events. I am passionate about creating beautiful images and collaborating with other creatives. I'm here with an open mind to learn and plug in when its appropriate. My goals are to grow in the film industry and learn more about production as well as shape the world around me through being a positive influence on others. I'm happy to be malleable and find the most appropriate ways to serve a group.

Work History
Role/Position Title Type
1st AC The Strongest Man Feature Film
Director Old Growth Video Series Music Videos
Director The Youngest "Built to Last" Music Videos
Executive Director LAMP LIGHT MUSIC FESTIVAL Live Event
Director Vox Vidorra "We're So Lonely" Music Videos
Director of Photography SheHimHer Short Film
Assistant Director Debt Short Film
Music Producer Exported From Michigan Feature Film
Director The Go Rounds "Shock and Awe" Music Videos
Director Jon Timm "These Hours" Music Videos
Producer Lamp Light "Into the Living Room" series Web/New Media
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