About Me

NOTE: I do not update credits on this site; DOWNLOAD a selected producing resume at http://shadowmihai.com/images/2017jan-Produce_Coordinate_AD_shadow.pdf and a selected directing resume at http://shadowmihai.com/images/2017jan-Directing_shadow.pdf and see my sample photo galleries at http://studiomenage.com With 20+ years in the industry, I have hands-on experience at all levels of production, across formats from live theatre to reality, to scripted to feature film. I started as a cinematographer, and quickly moved to Director and Producer. I have years as an entertainment attorney and a background in accounting, so I often work on productions as a Line Producer, and that is sometimes combined in lower budget shows with First AD. I seldom do camera work these days, but I am an award-winning professional photographer and I often work with BTS, celebrity and publicity images, as well as art and commercial work.

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