About Me

Passionate about my work, in love with my family, and caring about others. The goal is to make life happy, not just certain moments.

General Information
Date of Birth: 03 Jun, 1997 (24 years old)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Weight: 168 lbs
Height: 5'9
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eyes: Hazel
Piercings: none
Tattoos: Inner bicep, tricep, left pec, and ribs.
Willing to Do Nudity: Full
Professional Information
Union Affiliations: Non-union
Willing to work on non-union projects? Yes
Willing to work as an extra? Yes
Willing to cut hair? Yes
Willing to color hair? Yes
Willing to shave? Yes
U.S. work permit? Yes
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