Ms. Hollywood Hub Contest.

We are pleased that you decided to enter our contest, where one winner from differnt city in the U.S will win to compete in our grand finale being held in Las Vegas December 2021, where four entertainment industry executive giants will judge the competition.

This competition will have top 80 models from around the country traveling to Las Vegas for one night to win the $10,000 dollars grand prize and one unforgettable night of competitions and one night of parting on us, second prize will be $7,500 and third place will win $5,000 dollars.

How to enter:

1. FREE sign up for basic membership on Hollywoodhub.com,
sign up and send us your link.

2. Send the link to: Mshollywoodhub@gmail.com, your page should be filled completely and have all essential information required to enter. Headshot, three photos, bio, contact info, social media links. (If you have experience in the entertainment field please fill out the work history, if not, its ok, you just leave it blank. Please allow 24 hours for your page to be approved, once your page is approved, than you will receive a link to your page where you can submit to us or anyone you wish to audition for.

If selected you will be contacted by one of our staff and given the next step towards the finale competition.

It’s very simple! Good luck and welcome to our family.

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