Who We Are

President – Mr. Neil Stearns

Mr. Stearns was most recently the Senior Vice President of Dick Clark Productions, during which time he oversaw over 300 productions. He produced a number of movies, television shows and nationally televised events such as Golden Globes, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Awards, etc. Mr. Stearns is also the President of Stearns Cohen Media Group, a TV and film production company. www.StearnsCohenMedia.com.

He discovered and packaged some of your favorite reality TV show hits, such as “The Dog Whisperer”, “Pawn Stars” and “Hotel Impossible” plus many more.

Currently Mr. Stearns and our CEO Mr. Anthony G. Cohen are working on the Hollywood and Me Awards, where top undiscovered producers, directors, and many other industry members will be recognized for their hard work and dedication in their field.

Advisor – William Fay

Mr. Fay is the producer of such hit films as THE HANGOVER, INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE PATRIOT and 300, as well as many other studio films. Mr. Fay is one of the founders of Legendary Pictures. His extensive knowledge of filmmaking and working with major studios brings unparalleled experience to Hollywood and Me and its members.

Advisor – Nancy Bennett

Mrs. Bennett was the senior executive and producer at Lifetime network for over 20 years. She brings vast knowledge and experience to Hollywood and Me Group and its members.

Advisor – Jerry Silverman

Mr. Silverman a long time attorney is a senior consultant to Hollywood and Me as well as an international business consultant to some fortune 500 businesses.

Acting Coach – Vincent Chase

Vincent Chase is the legendary acting coach to the stars. Some of his clients include, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, Demi Moore, and Shia Labeouf as well as many other “A” list actors. Mr. Chase began his coaching in the early 50’s as the acting coach for the major studios; he worked as the head acting coach for Universal Studios for 7 years, and Warner Brothers Studios for over 5 years. Hollywood and Me members will have a chance to receive acting lessons from Mr. Chase. If you haven’t already, check out the hit HBO show "Entourage” where they feature his name, Vincent Chase.

Vice President – Kenneth Ho

Mr. Ho is a producer and a director, with over 8 years of experience as the Vice President of Bridgegate Films; he brings vast knowledge of filmmaking and crew experience to the team.

How We Began

Hollywood and Me is the brainchild of our Chairman/CEO, Anthony G. Cohen, who began his career in Hollywood over 25 years ago. During this time, he quickly realized just how expensive packaging one’s self as a talent can be, and just how little help existed for those just starting out in the entertainment industry.

Mr. Cohen began working in the entertainment industry as an executive assistant to an elite Hollywood producer, Jonathan D. Krane. A few years later, he became the Senior Vice President of that same producers company, (JKMPO) producing studio films such as FACE OFF, SWORDFISH, MICHAEL, PEHNOMENON, BASIC, GENERALS DAUGHTER, PRIMARY COLOR, LOOK WHOS TALKING I, II, AND III plus many more studio pictures.

His desire was to create a welcoming place where top upcoming, undiscovered talent, directors, filmmakers, writers, producers, managers and crew could instantaneously showcase their talents to industry giants – highly-esteemed casting directors and reputable talent representatives – in the most professionally presentable manner possible. Members can benefit from FREE acting classes and forums, as well as monthly industry mixers. This amazing site is called HOLLYWOODandME.com. Where you can meet top executives, benefit from their experience and possibly get your foot in the door. Mr. Cohen through his extensive connections has put together the most high-powered industry executives to operate and consult with the day-to-day operations of the site and members activities.

Mr. Cohen is also the CEO/Chairman of Bridgegate Films, Stearns Cohen Media Group, Hollywood Licensing Group, Cohen Media Group as well as Bridgegate Films Shanghai Group.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Hollywood and Me is to provide you with the true comprehensive services you deserve, while giving you a home away from home as you pursue your dreams. We want to lessen your stress and save you time and money, so you can focus all your energy on getting the stuff that matters done: booking work and getting your jobs completed. In short, we want to make your life simpler and much more fun!