About Me

Im a 27 year old actress mainly trained in theatre but my passions have always been acting for Film/Tv Writing is a means of escape for me Acting is my life My imagination is my weapon, solitude my salvation. My hunger for accomplishment is pure starvation. My drive for life is my passion. I live for the action. Risk and danger go hand in hand. Because regret buries the living. Embrace uncertainty and uncertainty will embrace you.

General Information
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Multi-ethnic
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5'5
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Eyes: Green
Piercings: Navel
Willing to Do Nudity: Partial
Professional Information
Willing to work on non-union projects? Yes
Willing to work as an extra? Yes
Legal twenty five? Yes
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