About Me

An enthusiastic, hard working and ambitious creative with a passion for filmmaking and brand storytelling, Bryce Gubler is an award winning director / dp / editor, who has a knack for documentary style -- slice of real life. Spending the first years of his career in editorial cutting episodic, short films, music videos and documentaries, Bryce brings a sharpened eye to every project he works on. His attention to detail, and authentic approach to real - people projects has led to his success with brands like Adidas, Canon, Redbull and Nike. Bryce creates beautiful, evocative images with his cinema-based aesthetic, distinct color palette, and true-to-life style. The images he captures and the stories he evokes resonate with viewers in ways that make them feel good about themselves and the messages. Currently, Bryce shares time between Europe and the US, servicing international clients ”

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