About Me

Hi there, my name is Tricia Raye and I am 31 years old; 5’5” with green eyes and brown hair. Sarcasm is my first language. My hobbies include dancing, fitness, production, acting, writing, drawing, photography, inspiring others, eating, discovering new adventures and many more. Being complacent is not my forte; I am all about growth, stepping outside of the box and getting down to business yet still have fun at the same time. I tend to excel and succeed when hard work is thrown my way due to motivational factors. I am in this world to make a difference and one of the main ways I choose to conquer this goal is through the film industry. Feel free to send a message my way if you have any further questions. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand a little more about me :)

Work History
Role/Position Title Type
Jamie Productions PA Training
Royalty Prince of Peoria Television
Audience TKO Television
Audience Family Feud Television
Arcade Patron The Internship Feature Film
Bride Patron Randy to the Rescue Reality TV
Park Patron Looking Television
Cafe Patron Passing Time Short Film
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