About Me

Over the past two years, I've worked in numerous productions from school projects to feature films. I've worked in multiple departments and done everything from Unit Production Manger to Production Assistant. I've been working hard to gain as much experience as possible so that one day I'll be able to join the Directors Guild of America. If you're in need of a someone who can and will wear multiple hats, I'm the guy to call.

Work History
Role/Position Title Type
Production Assistant Drop and Let Go Music Videos
2nd AC Broke Ass Rich Kid Web/New Media
D.I.T Broke Ass Rich Kid Web/New Media
Electrician Literally, Right Before Aaron Feature Film
D.I.T The Maestro Feature Film
Production Assistant The Almost Impossible Game Show Game/Interactive
Key Grip Llorona Motor Inn Short Film
Production Assistant American Ninja Warrior Game/Interactive
Grip The Golden Year Short Film
Art Assistant The Last Shift Short Film
UPM Going Down Short Film
1st AD Going Down Short Film
Writer A Soldier's Choice Short Film
Dolly Grip A Solider's Choice Short Film
Editor A Solider's Choice Short Film
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